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The Dream That Kicks Archives

The complete archives of The Dream That Kicks. Scroll down for titles, click on titles for full text. The Dream that Kicks connects historical and contemporary artists work in thematic programmes, they happen monthly at Cinemateket in Oslo. Main curator/programmer: Greg Pope.

Light Lines, Colour Meditations
Nature Machine
The Smiths; Harry, Jack and John
Raw Material
Soundtrack Terry Riley
Space Invaders
Witchcraft, Ritual, Obssession and Obliteration
Bruce McClure
Hall Of Mirrors, Film from Film
Martha and Marvo with Rats and Pigeons
Killing Joke
1+1 = 2 x 4
What It Is Not
The Eye and The Ear
The Artists Cinema
Programmes from Anthology Film Archives
Atmospheres and Biospheres
Take Five
Alma Mater
Le Film Est Deja Commence?
22 Fluxus Films
Zorns Lemma
John Smith: Early Shorts
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Cut-ups and Collages 
Pattern Recognition
Two years At Sea
Surface Noise
Transfigured Film
On Venom and Eternity
Magic Mirror
Outback and Beyond
The Image Has Cracked
Ed Atkins presents…
Otolith Group
Nostalgia and Gradual Speed
Space Noise
Los Angeles Plays Itself
Absences and (Im)possibilities
Visual Music
Space Time and Fiction
Between Magic and Science
Town and Country
Film Doubled Forever Changes
Found and Lost
Star Water Spiral
The Hart Of London
Scenes and Lives
The Thoughts That Once We Had
Makino Takashi
Abstract Dreams
Footnotes On a House Of Love
Heated Gloves
Body Languages
Sounding Spaces
Zorns Lemma
Movement Filled With Energy
AVVA: Ideomotoric Chatroom
Steina and Woody Vasulka
GAZWRX: Jeff Keen
The Haunting Collage
Spacial Cinema
Takashi Ito: Japanese Extreme
Here Is Information, Mobilise
Born In Flames
Confessions To A Mirror
Stan Brakhage: Not naming What Is Seen
Algeria (Extract Of Perfumes)
City Slivers
Joost Rekveld: Light Matters
X,Y and Z: 3 Dimensions of Dialogue
Estate, A Reverie
Three Portraits
Ana Vaz
Johann Wurf: Star
Fear Of The Object
Maya Deren
What I Am Is Here: Margret Tait
Escape From Rented Island
Nobuhiro Aihara’s Third Eye
Anne Charlotte Robertson
Momento Stella
Optical Time
Barbara Hammer and California Psychedelia
Jonas Mekas: Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania
Fuses, Phantoms and Forgetting
Toshio Matsumoto: Adventures In Perception
Lasse Marhaug: Something Must Happen
Look Closely At The Mountains
Ernst Schmidt Jr: 20 Action and Destruction Films
Optical Sound, Tracked
Vivienne Dick, Three Films
Maurice Lemaitre, Has The Film Started Yet?

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