TDKs December 2015

The Dream That Kicks presents ABSTRACT DREAMS

KonradKurfurst Urlus


“I’ll build a world of abstract dreams. And wait for you…” Sun Ra (Strange Celestial Road, 1980)

For the final screening of the year, the dream becomes abstract…thirteen short films stretch across time and space – from 1939 to 2014 – a kaleidoscope of beautiful, tantalizing, hallucinogenic gems which embrace colour, movement and sound in a carnival of the senses.


“In some far place, many light years in space. I’ll wait for you….”

Early Abstractions (1,2,3,4,5,7,10)                                   Harry Smith (USA/1939-56/23mins/16mm)

From the chief alchemist and archivist, here are Smith’s amazing first camera-less collages.

Tarantella                          Mary Ellen Bute + Ted Nemeth (USA/1940/4.5mins/video from 35mm)

A world of color, form, movement and sound in which the elements are in a state of controllable flux.

Come Closer                                        Hy Hirsh (USA/1953//7mins/16mm)

Hirsh uses patterns created with oscilloscopes, in complex optical combinations combined with music from the Caribbean carnival.

Dervish Machine                            Bradley Eros + Jeanne Liotta  (USA/1992/10mins/16mm)

Meditations on movement inspired by Gysin’s Dream Machine, Sufi mysticism and pre-cinematic optical tricks.

Deep Red                                              Ester Urlus  (NL/2012/7mins/16mm)

Handmade using a silkscreen printing technique into thirty-six layer deep technicolour wonder.

Konrad and Kurfurst                                  Ester Urlus  (NL/2013-14/ 7mins/16mm)

Made on home brew emulsion and colour toned, creating a fragile metaphor for the heroism of Konrad and his horse Kurfurst.

Weresheglanspertheere        Sebastian Buerkner  (DE/2014/5mins/DCP)

Heavily abstracted and recreated source material taken from documentary images and sounds found on the Internet.