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The Dream that Kicks  /  March 10th 2013

Kali Mars 2013


KALI- FILME         Birgit & Wilhelm Hein    (DE / 1988 / 75mins/ 16mm)



This extraordinary and terrifying film is a 75-minute found-footage collage named after the Hindu goddess of maternal tenderness and cosmic destruction… created by refilming video trash movies from around the world. Kali-Filme examines the sexual and violent fantasies that are taboo in official culture but come to the surface in cheap exploitation movies; horror, war, women-in-prison, porn, splatter, gruesome Third World action films, etc…

“Trival films are real psychodramas where primitive, mostly suppressed desires and imaginations are expressed”.

“What’s interesting in these trash films–the horror and prison film…[is that] they are not reality. These films are dealing with dreams and somehow they are true in a psychic way. If women can act like this in a film, it means society also believes they can do that…If you don’t control them, they kill you…This film is dealing with deeper images that have always existed, in archetypal forms”.bh

Watching this movie, one instantly senses when some taboo is being broken, but the grainy, shadowy picture quality insures that there will be a delay in figuring out exactly what the taboo is: You experience the image before decoding it. Come if you dare!