TDKs February 2016

14th Feburary

undertone overture

Footnotes To A House Of Love

Seven poetic offerings, four contemporary artists with diverse approaches to the moving image. Rhythm; detail; the movement between the internal and external; the nomadic possibilities inherent in a cut – all are examined and brought to the viewer in this illuminating collection.

Gestation Period         Haley Peterson      (2015 / 16mm / 3 mins NO / US)

A girl wraps herself in silk. The movement is repeated in shifting fragments, each fragment hand printed from the original to create a hallucinatory and disorientating performance to camera.

Sea Of Vapors          Sylvia Schedelbauer           (2011-2014 / Digital / 15′ 00 / DE)

A gorgeous, lyrical mosaic in which a woman lifts a cup, ever so incrementally, to her mouth, every stage of her movement interrupted by a horde of disparate images. A cascade of moments cut frame by frame flow into an allegory of the lunar cycle.

Way Fare      Sylvia Schedelbauer           ( 2009 / Digital / 6′ 30 / DE)

A layered tone poem of found images and woven soundscapes renders a shifting psychogram; a nomadic passage across spaces in and out of time.

Something Between Us     Jodie Mack     (2015/ 16mm / 10mins/US)

A choreographed motion study for twinkling trinkets, beaming baubles, and glaring glimmers. Choreographed costume jewelry and natural wonders join forces to perform plastic pirouettes, dancing a luminous lament until the tide comes in.

 Undertone Overture          Jodie Mack    (2013, 10m30s, 16mm/US)

A series of tie dyes in front of Mack’s typically perpendicular camera, a “flat” perspective which allows Mack to present something like an essential view of the object, by focusing on detail she creates an overall abstraction via a rapid succession of distinct designs.

Footnotes to a House Of Love     Laida Lertxundi (16mm / 2007/13 minutes U.S./ES)

A hut in the middle of the desert. Some young people enter and exit, take down its doors and windows, converting it into an open space. The dichotomy between inside/outside disappears; destruction leads to creation; freedom prevails as a radiant form of life.

Cry When It Happens        Laida Lertxundi        (16mm film/ 2010/14 minutes U.S./ES)

A journey through the natural expanse of California. Here, we discover a restrained psychodrama of play, loss, and the transformation of everyday habitats. Music appears across the interiors and exteriors and speaks of limitlessness and longing.