TDTKs August 2018


The Dream That Kicks August 12 2018

A video and sound live performance: Fear of the Object

M-sortfirkant 1

Chris Cogburn (US) / Juan García (MX) / Kjell Bjørgeengen (NO)

Fear of the Object is a site-specific event utilizing live video and sound performance to put into dialogue the architectural resonance/dissonance found within physical space, sound and light. Percussionist Chris Cogburn sets into motion resonant objects (cymbals, bells, snare drum) in relation to García’s subtle textures and fleeting harmonics on the double bass. A range of sine tones set to perfect ratios for each object’s unstable harmonics augments tensions between the acoustic and the synthetic. Audio generated video projected from Bjørgeegen is fed back into sound to blur distinctions between hearing and seeing. Physicality turned aesthetic without the beautiful.

The artists: Percussionist Chris Coburn places focus on the threshold between acoustic and electronic sounds, their differing timbral qualities, and their sites of resonance. Tensions between just intonation and the unfettered resonances of objects is a burgeoning concern informing his most recent work.

Renowned double bassist Juan García is resident bassist for Mexico’s national contemporary music ensemble CEPROMusic since 2012 and often collaborates with Mexico City´s modern and experimental ensemble Liminar.

Known for his pioneering work in sculpture, video and installation, Kjell Bjørgeengen continues his engagement with audio generated video works, utilizing newly developed tools by David Jones to work with the visual possibilities of ultra high-frequency sound.