TDTKs April 2013

The Dream That Kicks / April 14th 2013



We are delighted that this month the programme is curated and presented by Erwin van ‘t Hart (freelance curator & film programmer for the International Film Festival Rotterdam). This is a collaboration between Atelier Nord and Cinemateket.

Erwin has brought together a live performance ‘QUADTONE EXPANDED’ ( Mariska de Groot & Gert Jan Prins) taking place at ANX, Oslo on Saturday 13th April and the following fantastic film programme for The Dream That Kicks.

Long Shadows, Josh Bonnetta, Canada, 2009, 12′, 35mm, sound on vinyl.

Re-animated frames of long lost and decaying home movies of the 1950’s rendered in watercolor. Long Shadows assembles found moments and gestures into a haunted sequence, dreaming backwards through the seasons of a childhood spent on a northern lake. The site specific soundtrack revisits the locations of the films after 60 years.

Never a Foot Too Far Even, Daïchi Saïto, Canada, 2012, 13′, 2x16mm

A short fragment from a 35mm copy of an old kung fu film has been developed into a picturesque work with sliding patterns and colours. The handprocessed film acquires a polymetric structure thanks to overlapping 16mm projection and hypnotic soundings by Malcolm Goldstein on violin.

#3, Joost Rekveld, The Netherlands, 1994, 3′, 16mm,

#3 is a film with pure light, in which the images were created by recording the movements of a tiny lightsource with extremely long exposures, so that it draws traces on the emulsion. The light is part of a simple mechanical system with a double pendulum that exhibits chaotic behaviour.

Still in Cosmos, Makino Takashi, Japan, 2009, 18′, HDV

An immersive work that uses skilled manipulation of the film surface and a powerful drone soundtrack to create a layered and dense universe of controlled chaos. In about eighteen minutes we experience life to the fullest, from birth to death and eternity. Music by Jim O’Rourke.

Twilight Psalm II: Walking Distance, Phil Solomon, USA, 1999, 23′, 16mm

“Imagining one of those rusted medieval film cans having survived centuries, a long lost Biograph/Star, a Griffith/Melies co-production, a two-reeler left to us from, say, the Bronze Age, a time when images were smelted and boiled rather than merely taken, when they poured down like silver, not be to fixed and washed, mind you, but free to reform and coagulate into unstable, temporary molds, mere holding patterns of faces, places, and things, shape-shifting according to whim, need, the uncanny or the inevitable…Walking Distance is a simple Golden Book tale of horizontals and verticals, a cinema of ether and ore.”

About Quadtone Expanded:

Mariska de Groot (NL) creates a mesmerizing abstract shadowplay with slowly revolving wheels in a spatial setup. While she moves the lightsources, wheels and speakers around the space during the performance, Gert Jan Prins (NL) takes the optically processed signals from the speakers and unfolds them, building up a dense noise composition. This performance was premiered at the International Film Festival. Rotterdam 2013. For more info please see :