TDKs January 2016

17th jan



BISING           Adyhtia Utama & Riar Rizaldi  (2014 / 67 mins / video)

All Ears special!

In conjunction with the All Ears festival taking place 14th to 17th January we are happy to take a slight deviation from our standard menu and present a riveting documentary on the vibrant noise scene happening in South East Asia. Indonesia has the largest scene of extreme and independent music in South-East Asia. BISING  is a movie about people who do noise in Indonesia. This documentary gives an extensive overview with numerous bands, artists and speakers, from Jakarta, Bandung, Bekasi, Yogyakarta, and Tokyo, who freely talk about their own definitions and approaches to noise music.

The film focuses on the harsher spectrum of Indonesia’s experimental music scene, one that has long existed and consistently kept itself away from the mainstream. Like the documentary’s ineffable musical subjects, the director’s shines a light on the darker corners of Indonesia’s music industry, where even the most unorthodox of ideas don’t only exist, but thrive — and at high volume.

Artists featured include: Sodadosa, To Die, Terror Incognita, Aneka Digital Safari, Asangata, and Sangsaka Worship.