TDTKs June 2010


Three films featuring the wonderful sounds of  Californian composer Terry Riley. Riley launched what is now known as the Minimalist movement with his revolutionary classic “In C”  (1964). This seminal work provided a new concept in musical form based on interlocking repetitive patterns.
Enjoy this aural and visual triptych, which pays tribute to Riley while taking you from naked freak out to jeweled tortoise.



Looking For Mushrooms (Long Version)                         Bruce Conner ( USA 16mm 1996 15mins)

This is the same film footage as edited in the earlier short version released in 1968. It is made longer with five frames for each original frame but still remains the same edit (but with a new soundtrack by Terry Riley) and nothing added, nothing lost, always the same, never ending ….
Award: Best Experimental Film, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1997

Corridor                         Standish D.Lawder  (USA 16mm 1970 22 mins )

Multi-exposures, super-impositions, of positive and negative, strobing and many other image distorting techniques are used to create what Standish Lawder calls “an occasion for medative speculation”. Theimages pulsate and vibrate as though the corridor has come to life and is breathing – only as a corridor could. Matching this is the marvellous hypnotic music of Terry Riley.

Mixtape                         Oliver Payne and Nick Relph ( UK video 2002  23mins )

Structured around Terry Riley’s mesmerizing Motown cutup “You’re No Good,” the film weaves a set of tangentially related vignettes into footage of a teenage hardcore band’s spasmodic writhing. As the title suggests, it is an idiosyncratic compilation of perfect moments.

“Our images are a ‘fuck you’ to corporate intervention in youth culture, whether it’s hardcore, punk rock, skateboarding, graffiti, whatever. We wanted to celebrate the other to that: the pure, raw cane sugar”.