TDTKs January 2013

Jan 20th  2013




This is a birthday celebration: The Dream That Kicks is 3 years old!  We started with an abstract film programme in January 2010 – so here is another – I make no apologies for having one repeat film from that screening; Rekveld’s master work, #11 – in glorious 35mm cinemascope.

These are mind-bending, hypnotic, psychedelic, kaleidoscopic, hallucinatory films. To quote the mighty Sun Ra… “I’ll build a world of abstract dreams. And wait for you”. gp


Dresden Dynamo                Lis Rhodes                           UK /1972 / 16mm / 6mins

A mind-bending experiment in which the interaction between geometrical, aural and chromatic patterns generate infinite illusory events. Colour and shape subtly pervert one another, foreground and background constantly switch positions conjuring depth and movement.


Straight and Narrow          Tony Conrad                         USA/ 1970/16mm / 10 mins

Sound by Terry Riley and John Cale. A study in subjective colour and visual rhythm. Although it is printed on black and white film, the hypnotic pacing of the images will cause viewers to experience a programmed gamut of hallucinatory colour effects.


Speak                                                John Latham                                    UK /1962 / 16mm / 11mins

John Latham’s extraordinary coloured-disc animation, famous for being projected as psychedelic visuals during early Pink Floyd happenings in the 60s. It is an 11 minute retinal assault with a circular saw soundtrack.


Iris Out                                  Simon Payne                        UK /2008/ video / 10 mins

Composed of single frames from sequences of expanding or contracting circles, reformatted for different aspect ratios. In certain passages of the video, the combination of circles and ellipses resembles an eye, returning the gaze of the spectator.


#11 Marey <-> Moiré                      Joost Rekveld          NL /1999/ 35mm / 21mins

This wonderful anamorphic opus is the result of Rekveld’s deep inquiries into the origins of cinema, early optical experiments and the search for pure film. Our eye is taken on a kaleidoscopic voyage through a labyrinth of multiple rotating lines, moving intersections and immense colour palettes. Unmissable.