TDTKs June 2012

OtherFilm  – Live event and screenings.

We are proud and excited to present live cinema and screenings from Australia’s Otherfilm collective, rushed to you from Grimstad kortfilmfestival!

OtherFilm are an artists’ collective based in Brisbane, Australia. Since 2004, they have explored the creative possibilities of experimental film, video, music and live performance by curating numerous festivals, international screening programs, and exhibitions. OtherFilm is co-directed by Sally Golding, Joel Stern and Danni Zuvela.

Performance: Sally Golding and Joel Stern (Brisbane, Australia)

Sally Golding has developed works involving direct projection onto her body; harnessing audience reflections; and light performances.  Her work might be described as ‘live cine-sculpture’. Sonic compositions are created from printed optical sound, library collection samples, and electronic devices.

Joel Stern’s work incorporates DIY electronics, homemade / invented instruments, text cut-ups, field recordings and flashing lights – configured and reconfigured in various generative arrangements.

Sally and Joel have collaborated for almost a decade, as Abject Leader, a project that connects their practices through the dynamic of noise music, free improvisation and expanded cinema.

Screening Program:

This program offers a glimpse into the world of Australian avant-garde cinema, with subjective treatment of the energies expressed by the Australian landscape; abstract experimentation with shape and montage; and luminous, kaleidoscopic colour.

MAN AND HIS WORLD     Albie Thoms  (1968 1min)
BOUDDI                                      Arthur and Corinne Cantrill (1970 8mins)
FE                                                    Andrew Pike (1973 4mins)
BONDI                                          Paul Winkler (1979 15mins)
LIGHT PLAY                             Dirk de Bruyn (1984 7mins)

Dr Danni Zuvela is a writer, curator and academic, interested in experimental and avant-garde film, music and performance.