Sound Recordings

to be released 2023 on Pica Disc records.
LP will include unique print, photograph and poster

Unique print 30x30cm on archive 300gm bamboo paper. For inclusion in LP.

Liner notes for LP:

Track 1. It Goes Without Saying
The foundation for this piece is the original text, written over some months in 2020. The text was conceived for publication in the book ‘Film Talks: 15 Conversations on Experimental Cinema’ (due for publication in London 2021?). Although I had been turning over the original title phrase in my head, it was only during the early pandemic lockdown period that the words rushed onto the page, in fits and starts and with hits and misses. It became a kind of visual poem, falling in and out of meaning.

The sound consists of self-made percussive instruments striking glass, rudimentary sounds created through guitar pick-ups, contact mics and acoustic noise. The poem was recorded, then blindly cut-up and randomly re-assembled and accompanied by the same voice recordings wound through a Landscape hand manipulated cassette machine. 

Track 2. Shot Film
This is the soundtrack of the film ‘Shot Film’, produced in 2009. This film was made using lengths of black 35mm movie film shot with a shotgun. The resulting damage was then repaired and the separate lengths joined together.
My idea was to portray the concept of shooting a film as a physical and literal action. The film can be seen as pure documentation of this act. The damage done – the pellet holes – become the image and the soundtrack. The sound is created in the optical soundtrack area of the film when the film is run through a projector.  Where this area is punctured, light penetrates and falls on a light-sensitive cell which ‘reads’ the light and converts it to sound. A preview of the film can be viewed at:

Track 3. Dipping The Bells
This is the soundtrack of the video ‘Dipping The Bells’, filmed on 7th June 2019.
This was a spontaneous video, shot as a  collaboration with the carillionist Laura Marie Rueslåtten.  We set up the camera and recorded this one and only take at Oslo fjord near Blylaget, Nesodden. All actions and reactions are improvised. The cause and affect from the aircraft, motor-boat and the water movement in combination create a unique synergy and response. The video can be viewed at:

*Laura Marie Rueslåtten is a professional carillonist based in Norway. She composes and programmes the repertoire at Oslo City Hall and Urianienborg Church, Oslo. She specialises in contemporary music and is frequently involved in cross over projects including ‘The Touchables’, ‘Ulametall’ and collaborations with the artist Tori