razor blades

Projectors invade the auditorium to reveal seven amazing double screen works – three seminal classics and four from the British new analogue wave…. Interaction, juxtaposition, synchronization and repetition drive these films. The action here is not just happening on the filmstrips – it also belongs in the moment of projecting.

Berlin Horse                                  Malcolm LeGrice       (UK/1970/16mm/9mins)
Found footage is re-filmed from the screen, a horse is led through solarized effects that colour it blue and red and acid green and yellow…repeated backwards and superimposed and negative, a beautiful film enhanced by Eno’s score (made specifically for this piece).

Angles Of Incidence                      William Raban          (UK/1973/16mm/12mins
An investigation into ways of presenting cubist space on the flat surface of the film screen. The image is a view through a window, the window-frame providing a constant spatial reference point. The film is just as it was filmed in the camera. A mesmerizing journey through time and space

E LP DR BK PL PF ST NN   Richard Beaven                  (UK/2014/16mm/2.5mins
Tree, hoop, hand, vice, rubber ring, compression and expansion.

Passage                                Bea Haut                             (UK/2014/16mm/2.5mins)
Luminous objects are hauled left and right to meet at an interstice, at moments full of absence.

Untitled ( Insertional)      Jenny Baines             (UK/2014/16mm/2.5mins)
Repeated absurd actions are performed for camera, across both frames, in and out of sync.

OXO XOXO                            Karel Doing                          (UK/2014/16mm/2.5mins)
A film palindrome. Reading this film becomes an active game; images appear upside-down, forward-backward, negative-positive.

Razor Blades                                  Paul Sharits               (US/1968/25mins)
A frenetic vision challenges our eyes, ears and minds to withstand a barrage of high powered and often contradictory stimuli revealing the positive-negative dynamics of sexuality, birth, growth, reality, horror, confusion, absurdity, suicide… sprinkled stars, stuttering stripes, naked bodies, Fluxus instructions, cuts by a straight razor, shaving cream, etc…