DTKs October 2020

Oct 11


VALIE EXPORT  is an Austrian artist born in 1940, after initially being met with a great deal of hostility, she is now one of the most important and influential living artists. In 1967 she chose a pseudonym to symbolicallydistance herself from the identity and role assigned her as a female artist working in a male-dominated society. Her output consists of drawings, sculpture, conceptual photography, installations and performance works as well as film and video. Her art practice is always founded on her radical feminist thinking – her interest in the structure, technology and effect of moving images and its interaction with the human body is self-evident in the five films presented here.

Adjungierte Dislokationen /Adjunct Dislocations (1973, File, bw, silent, 10 min. I turn over the pictures of my voice in my head (2009, File, col, 12 min.
Ein perfektes Paar oder die Unzucht wechselt ihre Haut / Lust (1986, File, col, 12 min)
Interrupted Line (1971/72, 16mm/DCP/File, bw, 9 min)
Syntagma (1983, 16mm/DCP/File, col, 18 min)