TDTKs February 2012


The Dream That Kicks

Febuary 26th 2012






Alma Mater takes cultural identity as its starting point, to encompass the influence of visual culture on everyday experience; questioning ideas of Britishness and conceptions of national identity.

Working with digital media, each artist invests a degree of experimentation and innovation in their approach – the media itself becoming a near-character in the linear, and non-linear narratives.

The screening includes a range of works made between 2000 and the present, and charts a significant period of change in our relationship with visual culture, and the society that shapes it.

Curated by Insitute of Contempary Art  film curator,  Steven Cairns.



Let’s Kiosk        Torsten Lauschmann                        (2000 / 7 min /UK)


Bestiary                   Steven Claydon                                      (2009 /19 min / UK)


Wen u travel u go 2 sleep     Clunie Reid                        (2011/ 6 min / UK)


Please, please, please… Stephen Sutcliffe                        (2001/ 2 min/ UK)


You’ll Never Walk Alone   Hannah Sawtell            (2006/7 / 7 min / UK)

Hovering between satire, horror, belligerence and social entropy, the video displays an aesthetic of prescribed resistance.


Deportment          Rachael Reupke                                    (2011/ 3 min / UK)


Entroludes 4: Means      Hannah Sawtell                        (2010/ 4 min /UK)

Using  stills, sound and moving image retrieved from the internet; what Sawtell refers to as ‘the detritus of the contemporary arcade’.


Come to the Edge      Stephen Sutcliffe                        (2003/ 2 min / UK)

A good-humoured scene is suddenly transformed into something altogether more sinister as the group of schoolboys enact a ritual humiliation upon a seemingly older, mustachioed boy.