TDTKs February 2017

DTKs / Feb 12th 2017

Spatial Cinema : The Films of Stephen Connolly


We are happy to welcome the British artist Stephen Connolly who will be present to introduce a selection of his films.

Connolly is a true “auteur” of a provocative and reflective cinema  – who makes no concessions. His films combine archive footage, textual quotations, interviews and semi-scripted recordings, drawing links between nature, our relationship with space and the restrictions on liberty that have unfolded in the twenty-first century.

Connolly does not foreground his own presence, but employs a multitude of voices and modes that include direct commentary, reportage and reconstructed speech.


Más Se Perdió (we lost more)    (16mm/UK/ 2008 /14 minutes )

A variety of approaches are used to explore the spaces of the derelict National School of Ballet in Havana, Cuba. The film also records athletes at an outdoor stadium, and a street scene with construction workers. The autonomous soundscape of the film is suggestive of underlying conflicts contained within these visions.


Eyrie    (HD video /UK/ 2015 / 9 minutes )

Documenting a visit to an empty and abandoned commemorative Soviet era building in Bulgaria.. The performance at the centre of the work can be seen as invoking a lost commonality, repurposing the space for speculation and a paradoxical, solo, kind of play.


Zabriskie Point (Redacted)    (DCP /UK, 2013 / 27 minutes )

Inspired by a visit to Zabriskie Point – a scenic tourist spot in Death Valley, California this film re-visits and reframes Antonioni’s 1970 MGM film of the same name. Aligning with Antonioni’s stated intentions – to produce a work as “an idea in landscape” – Zabriskie Point (Redacted) enacts a programme of visual and social research for the earlier film at one remove from the dramatic narrative.


This presentation is a collaboration with Atelier Nord, Oslo.