Greg Pope. live cinema/film/performance



CLOTHES HORSE 2016. video 4 minutes. Extreme manipulation, video shot in Iceland.


PROLE ART THREAT 2010. 35mm, 3 minutes. Stencilled mute film with lyrics.

greg pope.shot film 2

video SHOT FILM 2009. 35mm, 4 minutes. Film blasted with a shotgun.


video SHADOW TRAP 2007. 35mm, 6 minutes. Shards of emulsion, layered and structured over clear film.

windscreen still

video WINDSCREEN 2004. Video, 3 minutes. Reconstruction of performance using still images.


Video SHRAPNEL 2003. Video, 3 minutes. Travel diary through Sarajevo and Mostar.


Video MOONWALK 2001, video 1 minute. Landscape study with moonlight and moon.


LOFOTENĀ 2000, video 3 minutes. Landscape study from the Arctic Circle.


Video clip WHIRLWIND 1997, 16mm, 8 minutes.A performance based film using long exposure and time lapse techniques.

mass obs

Video clip MAAS OBSERVATION 1996, 16mm. 11 minutes. Poetic essay on Rotterdam harbour.

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October 11, 2016 at 6:09 pm

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