Loophole Cinema

1989 -1998 A collective of artists, specialising in large scale installation and performance work, usually of a site specific nature.

Main members : Greg Pope, Bea Haut, Ben Hayman, Paul Rodgers, Ivan Pope.

The early days
List of events
Archive footage

Excerpts of original publicity text :
– Drawing on the influence of the pre-cinematic history of the projected image; Javanese shadow puppets, magic lanterns, and the optical toys of the 19th century, combining these with post-cinematic digital and videorama technologies.
– The creation of live environments and events which harness the potential of multi-projection situations in combination with constructed kinetic machinery, sampled, live and recorded sound, shadow play and bodily interventions.
– Exposure and rejection of the “mystery” of image creation, it’s industry and technologies
– The creation of “interactive shadow engines” that merge audience, performer and architecture into a hybrid shadow of light, sound and apparatus.
– Juxtaposing high-tech, low-tech and no-tech and setting these different elements against each other under varying degrees of human control and intervention.
– Creating audio-visual-physical confrontations and collisions.
Investigation of spaces, revealing and radically transforming the site – exploration of all its dimensions, interior ‘space’, exterior ‘skin’, altitude above and below the space.