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Loophole Cinema

1989 -1998 A collective of artists, specialising in large scale installation and performance work, usually of a site specific nature. Image set. Event list. Also view Loophole Cinema archive footage here.

Fragments of texts used in funding applications and publicity:
Drawing on the influence of the pre-cinematic history of the projected image; Javanese shadow puppets, magic lanterns, and the optical toys of the 19th century, combining these with post-cinematic digital and videorama technologies.
The creation of live environments and events which harness the potential of multi-projection situations in combination with constructed kinetic machinery, sampled, live and recorded sound, shadow play and bodily interventions.
Exposure and rejection of the “mystery” of image creation, it’s industry and technologies
The creation of “interactive shadow engines” that merge audience, performer and architecture into a hybrid shadow of light, sound and apparatus.
Juxtaposing high-tech, low-tech and no-tech and setting these different elements against each other under varying degrees of human control and intervention.
Creating audio-visual-physical confrontations and collisions.
Investigation of spaces, revealing and radically transforming the site – exploration of all its dimensions, interior ‘space’, exterior ‘skin’, altitude above and below the space.
 Members : Greg Pope, Bea Haut, Ben Hayman, Paul Rodgers, Ivan Pope.

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