Loophole Cinema Event List


June 1997, Light Struck, Artis,  Netherlands
Large scale performance in a  cigar factory turned Art venue. Collaboration with Karel Doing and Anet van Elzen, making site specific films and soundtracks

 New Year’s Eve 1996, Cine Nova, Bruxelles, Belgium.
Film and noise collaboration with various members of Metamkine and LLOG, improvised and presented as a cinematic performance.

Oct. 1996, The International Symposium of Shadows, London
Event with 36 artists from 7 countries, exposing and exploring the nature of the shadow. Devised, produced and hosted by Loophole Cinema. Including the first ‘Shadow  laboratory’ an experiment in working in expanded collaborations, in this instant using all the artists.

Jan 1996, Rotterdam Film Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands
film, shadow and sound performance utilising small sound installations

Dec. 1995, Down There,Bridewell  Theatre, London
Shadow performance using film and live video with an underground swimming pool and various sound installations

June 1995, Flood, the Castle, London
Large scale multi-projectioninstallation and performance housed within a victorian water pumping station. Live vocals and trumpet, sampled sounds, film and shadow projectionsand live video performances using rock climbing technologies. (with thanks to Ragga and Andy Diagram)

June 1995, Nantes, France
Outdoor film, shadow , sound and smoke projections within wind-driven sailing screens

June 1995, Poitiers, France
Multi-leaved screens lifting above audience during shadow, film , sound projection. Live feed video.

May 1995, Upside, London Film Makers Coop
Live feed video performance and shadow show presented in front of and below the audience. Connecting holes cut in the floor allowed water , sound and smoke to pass between these spaces.

Nov.1994, Myriad,  Kino Flasch Flood, Belgium
Partially outdoor shadow performance,film and fire projection, layered installation, sound performance.

Oct. 1994, Ministry of sound, (Nose Paint) London
Multi-screen film and shadow projection with improvised music performance

July 1994, London Underground, Bridewell Theatre, London
Film, shadow and live feed vido projection, low tech sound installations and disappearing screens.

June 1994, Zap Club, Brighton
Multi screen film and improvised sound and noise.

April  1994, Prism Engine, Quick Festival, Purcell Rooms, London
Light, shadow, video, film and sound projection from within a screened  pyramid enclosure. The performance that was contained in the end broke it’s boundaries.

New Year’s Eve , 1993, Night of the Fire Cabinets II,  The Tannery , London
Fire, video, kinetics, film, sound installation, and “walk through”performance. Staged in a derelict three storey factory and its surrounding courtyards.

Sept.1993, Circus of the Senses, European Media Arts Festival, Germany
Large scale journey performance staged in in a deserted steel works and the surrounding, partly cleared landscape. Site specific kinetics, sound, video, film, shadow and fire projection. Physical performance and factory operation within the audience .

June 1993, Night of the Fire Cabinets I, Brockwell park Lido, London, (Exploding Cinema)
Fire, film, wind and shadow projection cabinets built in 9 metal changing room  lockers spanning a cornewr of the empty outdoor swimming pool. Live performance involving the operation and investigation of these cabinets including miniature shadow theatres, light manipulation, distress flares and constructed sound scape.

May 1993, Levitation, red rose club, London Musicians Collective
Miniature shadow theatre performance, gothic horror/humor and circus tricks involving levitation of a body and hand held shadow engines.

April 1993, Shot in the Dark, ICA, London
Shadow and image multiprojection performance culminating in a high, low and no tech walk in installation for the audience. Computor controlled sound and imagery combined with shadow puppetry and light manipulation whilst voice performance and  manipulated sound was mapped around the audience. Also usesd in thhis event was a probabilistic text generator and a series of prepared lenses for use in image manipulation.

July 1993, Vacant Procession, Condemned 20 storey estate block, Birmingham
Film projections in constructed”sight lines” through the walls of twelve 2 bedroomed flats. Performance involving th e controlled demolition and creation of new rooms involving the audience in a “walk through” installation.

May 1992, the Bond Gallery, Birmingham
Propaganda Beacons- Constructed light and sound mechanisms installed and connected to motion sensors to create an interactive light, sound and shadow engine.

Oct.1991, London Film Festival
Installation of propaganda Beacons(-see above)

May 1991, London Film Makers Coop
Shadow engine consisting of : shadow wall performance, cacophony room, shadow maze,  film projections, live sounds and noise.

Oct. 1990 Effects of darkened rooms, National review of Live Art, Glasgow.
Shadow wall performance, cacophony room, shadow  maze, film projections and live sounds. 

Sept. 1989 Glasgow  Third Eye Centre
‘Event’ involving the arrangement of 14  super-8  projectors and one 16mm projector