TRIGGERS March 19th – April 3rd
Galleri Vanntårnet, Nesodden, Norway

General exhibition views

Publicity text:
Dagnall and Pope present a duo exhibition ‘Triggers’.
The works consists of kinetic, sonic and image apparatus installed over four levels in a darkened Vanntårnet exhibition space in Nesodden. The various installed pieces are triggered by movement and sound as the audience move in up, around, down and through the space. 

Dagnall has appropriated drumming technology to trigger a series of spatial installations utilising the resonance created by the circular architecture of the water tower. The audio-visual and mechanised components comprise of documentary reminiscences of a pre-corona journey: to the Mesoamerican pyramids at Teotihuacan in Mexico and in New York City’s Central Park with the recently deceased musician Helge Nicolai Bjørkø.

Pope has created a series of vitrines; enclosed chambers furnished with the reanimated innards of obsolete technology. These tableau vivants are driven by motors and illuminated by miniature lamps, breathing new life and occult significance into the mechanical detritus from another century.  An alchemy of objects are set in motion. The ghosts dance in shadows. And forests of cyphered symbols circle.

Pope showed 3 pieces :
Death Disco 2022 : video document extract
Vaasa Asemblage
Underwood Underworld

Death Disco 2022

Underwood Underworld

Vaasa Asemblage