Scoreline is a solo film-sound performance.

Equipment: 16mm projector, black film, contact mics, guitar pick-ups, engraving tools, , loop station, hobby grinder, scratch board, mixer, amplification, unspecified local materials.
Idea: The film projector as an instrument for visual and sonic broadcasting, an exploration of cinematic apparatus, ignoring traditional strategies to create a dynamic live event.
Outcome : Texture and noise. A choreography of creation through destruction, amongst other things …

Event list

Analogue Recurring, London 2012

One Night Only, Oslo 2013

ShapeShifters Cinema, Oakland, U.S. 2014

Oddnose Festival, Nesodden, Norway 2014

IFS, Museo Hermann Nitsch, Napoli 2014

London Short Film Festival, ICA, London 2015

Live Cinema Festival, MACRO, Rome 2016

Kurant Galleri, Tromsø, Norway 2016

Byflimmer, Fotogalleri, Oslo 2016

L’Alternativa Festival, Barcelona, Spain 2016